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This day is about you sharing your love, and if you want others there who support your love then by all means, please invite them. I would love to meet your close family and friends. An elopement can be just the two of you or shared with those who make you feel special.  Guest up to 50 people

Can I invite friends and family?

Frequently asked questions

Nope. Some couples love the adventure and hiking but for others that’s just not their thing. If you're not a hiker we can work together to find that place that is a fit for you. If you are a hiker but wondering, how the heck do I hike five miles in a wedding dress, well there are several options. Some couples embrace the idea of getting down and dirty and don’t mind hiking in their dress. Others prefer to carry their wedding clothes and change once they are ready to share their vows. Either way I will be there to help you get into your dress and fix your hair. And I have a few tips and tricks for packing your bouquet.

Do I have to do a big hike to have an elopement?

You bet. One of my crazy passions is finding cool lodging. If you're down for a cute little cabin in the woods or have more of a lodge or spa in mind, I will help you find your perfect place.
Finding your base camp is one of the first steps we work on. I am here with you on this planning journey. You are not in this alone. We will have many chats and get to know each other so I can help you design your day. 

will you help us find lodging?

Crazy weather has a way of creating some of the most amazing photography opportunities. I will provide you with a list of gear needed to be prepared. We will make sure to have a back up plan in place and if needed I am pretty good at simply finding a way to make it work. Unfortunately the weather is one of those things out of our control so be prepared to be flexible and it will be amazing.

what happens if the weather is bad?

I have a great list of amazing vendors!
 Hair and make-up, florists, officiants, cakes, intimate venues, dog handlers, and so much more.

what about vendors?

CAn we add some activities to our day?

Nope I want to ensure you receive the vibe and style and complete product that you saw in my work...which is why you hired me, right?

Absolutely, anything you enjoy doing together can be a part of your day.  Zipling, bicycle ride, picnic, kayak, off road jeeping, what ever makes you smile and creates an amazing day for you two!

CAn I have the raw files to edit myself?

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take a look at our elopement guides!

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Close your eyes and visualize a day specially designed to be intimate, intentional and all about you. Do you see your day waking up in a cabin, getting your first look at sunrise and saying you're vows on a mountain top at sunset? Perhaps an intimate gathering of a few close friends and family in the woods? How about sharing your first kiss while being splashed by an ocean spray?

If this is your vibe, then an elopement + intimate wedding may be exactly what you are looking for. Use the form below to reach out to me to start planning your dream wedding day with Aspenglow Photography!

Issues with the form? Email me directly at anita@aspenglowphotography.com