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Welcome to my blog.
The idea of an elopement wedding is still somewhat of a new concept for many people. My blog is here to help couples discover what an elopement is all about and some fun ideas to help create a perfect elopement experience. 
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I'm anita.


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Wedding vs Eloping shoes Kick off those high heel shoes, let your feet be grounded with Mother Earth and get comfy with the choice of shoes you want to wear. Eloping is about relaxing and enjoying nature so let’s replace those fancy shoes with a matching pair of Chacos, or maybe some Birks as you […]

Big wedding Vs Eloping What shoes should you wear?

Elopement Photography

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A second marriage may seem less important at first but really it is a celebration of a new beginning. Have you had your first love, that first kiss. But life events have taken you down a different path. Perhaps you are no longer with your first love either physically or emotionally.I get it. I have […]

My Second Kiss

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Creating an intimate and couple focused wedding experience. Couples today are more focused on their relationship with their partner and see the value of a more intimate experience… Eloping allows couples to create a wedding day designed specifically for them, not everyone else. Saying vows from the heart just between the couple, free to express […]

What exactly is an elopement or intimate wedding in today’s times?

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Colorado Elopement

What a sweet couple and an amazing intimate wedding. I had the privilege of flying to Durango Colorado to share in this intimate and personalized wedding elopement with Sierra and Lucas. This couple fell in love with a tiny mountain town and made the decision that this was the place they wanted to start a fresh […]

Colorado Intimate Wedding/ Durango/Sierra and Lucas

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So you’re thinking of eloping but what is the vibe you’re looking for? Elopements can be just about anything that fits your style and level of adventure. 1. There is the elopement for those who love nature and the outdoors but may not want it to include a grueling hike and adventure next to mountain […]

4 fun ways to elope

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For many, the purpose of eloping is to keep the moment much more intimate and personal. For some, this is a moment that they want to keep strictly between themselves and their partner. The main reason why family and friends might not want you to elope is the fact that they want to help celebrate […]

Why have a post elopement party?

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What is a destination elopement wedding? For me, It means anywhere outside of the state where you live. It could mean traveling across the US or something epic out of the country. My bucket list is Greece and Italy. If you want something non-traditional and value experiences, then you may love the idea of a […]

3 Tips for planning a Destination Elopement